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        Service Hotline

        Tel: 137-0833-6782



        ABOUT US

        Found in 2014 Apr.Guang’An YIXIN PHARMA TECH CO., LTD located at Yechi county economic development area, Guang’an city, Sichuan province. We are a high-tech fine chemical manufacture company. We are good at special chemical, drug intermediates and drug material research and produce.

        Our company covers 3.4 million square meters, structure over 1.3 million square meters, have two workshops with fine equipment. We have complete quality and EHS management system. To enhance enterprise core competitiveness, our company invests a lot of money each year for new products, new technology research and development. We have a technology center and product inspection center.

        We are second level supplier for Janssen and Gilead, and had long term cooperative relationship with Porton.

        We insist Customer frist, Welcome change, Team work, Care for each other.


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